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What should be my phone plan to fully use MySalesDialer?

In order to fully utilize MySalesDialer you should have voice and data plan with your mobile phone carrier company. If you are using the Android Native Dialer then the calls made would be charged by your carrier. There are some unlimited talk + text + web plans available. If you are a heavy caller, you are better off using unlimited plan through your mobile phone carrier company.

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How do i make Skype as my default dialer?

In order to setup your dialer. Please do following: Assuming that you have installed Skype and have purchase the Skype calling plan.


1) Open My Sales Dialer application

2) Click Menu button and select "Dialer Settings"

3) Select "Skype" from the dialog box.

One can always change the dialer later to Native Dialer, if required.

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How to use Skype with MySalesDialer?

1) Install Skype app (Available for free) and Subscribe for Skype calling plan

2) Open MySalesDialer App

3) Click Menu button from the main screen

4) In the Dialer Option Select "Skype"\r\n5) Start Calling!

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Is there any limit on the number of contacts I can store?

Theoretically there is no limit in full version (we may impose the limit in future)

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Is there a way to export my reminders to my local calendar on phone?

Yes! The latest version of the app FieldWorkMobility supports exporting of your reminders and tasks into your local calendar on phone. Since not every phone has calendar with task. The app exports both reminders and tasks as events in the local calendar.

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Explain different calling modes?

Fast Dial Mode, Sweep Mode and Prospecting mode: Fast Dial Mode: In Fast Dial Mode. This is useful mode when you need to dial a large list without any interruption or permission to dial the next caller, once you hangup from the previous call. This mode support choice of starting the call from a specific contact or dial only new ones. Sweep Mode: This is very similar to the Fast Dial Mode except that in this case dialer asks for the permission to dial the next person or skip the next person, once you hangup from previous call.Prospect Mode: The prospect mode allows full call prospecting after the call, the sms/email template feature is very useful in this mode. In prospect mode, one can do lot more after the call such as create follow-up reminder, add notes, update other details on fly while in the dialing mode. Like other modes this mode also supports choice of starting the call a specific contact or dial only new ones.

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What is a csv file and how can I use it to import data?

''CSV stands for (comma separated value), it is a simple text file with fields separated by comma. You can use well formatted CSV file to map and import data in the app by clicking "Import CSV File". The file needs to be on the device, so that app can browse and read the file.

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I am having difficulty syncing data with my manager's dashboard?

Click on Sync icon in the app, enter the manager''s user_id from and enter the sms code as password that you recieved on your phone. Once you login, you will see the sync button enabled and you should be able to sync with

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Where can I see full list of contacts in the app?

From the main screen, click "My Contacts" and then "All Contacts". This will give you full list of contacts

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What is clients, prospects, leads folders/icons?

The clients, prospects, leads have been created to organize your data. It is the filtered view from the grand list. One can create many custom campaigns/list or simply do a search on all contacts.

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Explain Sync with Address Book Feature?

This feature allows you to import/export vital data (Name, Phone, Notes, Email, Company) to and from the android address book. Once you have exported your data to the android address book, you can see the details of the callee during the call.

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My Device Shows no location when I click GPS icon?

In order for device to get the location, it needs to have either network or gps connectivity. The gps connectivity in general is more accurate than network. However any 3G/4G or wifi connected device should be able to show the current location of the deice, when you click "Locate Me" icon on the app.

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I downloaded data assigned to me by doing sync, will it get overwritten on next sync?

No, only the new data assigned to you on the dashboard is downloaded to your device. Your processed data (updated data) is uploaded back to your manager''s dashboard. In other words your locally updated down will only be uploaded and will not get overwritten by the data on your manager''s dashboard, provided you have not deleted your contact on your app.

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Does sync also work as backup for me?

Yes, Sync uploads your latest updated data on your manager's dashboard, if for some reason your device contacts gets deleted, you can sync and retrieve all your data back.

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I need to notify my whereabouts to my manager, what should I do?

This is very easy, assuming you have successfully setup your login with Click on "Locate Me" icon and you should be able to see your location on the map. Click on "Register My Location" button, your manager will be instantly able to see your reported location.

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What is bulk edit, How do I use it?

Bulk edit is a feature when you need to make changes to multiple contacts at once. In any given list when you click menu button you should get an option to bulk edit the given list, once you click you would be presented with options to edit multiple. You need check boxes for each field you intend to bulk update. This is very handy feature to update common fields in multiple contacts

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How many columns csv file should have?

Ideally try to import a clean csv file which has no blank rows, blank columns in the middle. The file should not have large number of unwanted columns that you are not importing (Try limiting to less than 16 columns, since you may not be able to map more than 16 columns). It is also a good idea to import in smaller chunks instead of large file, so that you can categorize each import and use the crm effectively.

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I am not able to get code through SMS?

Kindly check your phone number entry in your dashboard a/c. The entry should match the value of "Device Phone" and "SubscriberId" from MySalesDialer app (hint: click on "Login To" icon from the app). If your entry matches, you should receive sms on the registered phone, if you still do not get the sms, kindly contact us, we will troubleshoot it for you. In some countries the "Device Phone:" is blank or missing country code, in such case kindly put your mobile with countrycode e.g. 15107139900 for US, 919827122679 for India.The format is [country_code][phone_number]. If you enter phone number without country code, you may not get authentication code by sms. We use Twilio api for sending sms code. Here is an article one need to read specially if you are in India:

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Explain Search Feature of the app?

My Sales Dialer search is a very handy feature to quickly search and work on the search result for dialing and prospecting feature. In order to perform search do following: Open any contact list (all, client, prospect..., any custom list), Click your phone search button and type first or last name (partial name allowed), Click search button again. You can start the dialer or prospecting on the search result.

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I am using fast dial mode, is there a way to stop dialer in the middle?

The purpose of fast dial is make uninterrupted continuous dialing, where the list is being called from start to finish. If you plan to interrupt, it is advisable to use other modes of dialing. The only way to stop dialing in fast dial mode is to power off the phone and power on back.

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